Our Mission

Make life more colorful, one adventure at a time

Forged from the burning thrill of adventure, Madison Pears magnifies your charisma and zest for life. Produced in limited quantities, each square tells a different story of exploration. Step confidently into the unknown and become who you’re meant to be. 

One-of-a-kind conversation starters

Pocket squares are great conversation starters, and since our brand embodies adventure, we provide the story behind each design to supplement your first five minutes of conversation. So once someone compliments you on your new square, you can thank them by sharing the adventure that led to its design.

The Pocket Square

The pocket square first began enriching the lives of stylish men in ancient Greece, when wealthy citizens carried perfumed kerchiefs as a status symbol and a mark of individuality. In modern Europe, noblemen carried pocket squares as a functional accessory to blow their noses.

In today’s world, the pocket square adds a touch of flavor to one's wardrobe (and one's character). Note: It is not for your nose.

Made to last

Designed with scrutiny and care, our products feature exclusive artwork painted by some of the most talented artists New York City has to offer. Our squares are spun from opulent silk, modal, and cashmere in Italy, where generations of textile history, craftsmanship, and romance are sewn into these 13 x 13 accents. 

Our designs are produced in limited runs. So once a seasonal collection runs its course, the design is retired from use.

Why the Pear?

We’re glad you asked. The Madison Pear represents everything our brand embodies. The pear is a playful poke at the Big Apple—the birthplace of Madison Pears. As such, the five seeds of the pear represent the five boroughs of New York City. The leaf pays homage to the pear tree, which stands for longevity and good health. And our brand colors speak to our core mission: to make life more colorful one adventure at a time. Not to mention, it rhymes with square. All this taken into account, how could we not have chosen the pear?

In the end, these magical wears are crafted for one purpose: to provide a catalyst. They help you live with contrast and ensure that no two days are ever quite the same.

Break the ice and jump in…