The Darwin

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The Darwin

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Modal & Cashmere blend with multi-colored illustrative design.

You prefer Renaissance Man to Bon Vivant, but either is fitting for someone of your caliber. With style and vigor, there’s no hill too high or river too wide. Sport your square and don’t be afraid to become who you’re meant to be. Evolution is only natural. 

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The Details:

  • Color: Grey
  • 93% Modal, 7% Cashmere
  • 13" x 13"
  • Designed in New York City
  • Made in Italy
  • Overstitch hem

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Pocket squares are great conversation starters, and since our brand embodies adventure, we provide the story behind each design to supplement your first five minutes of conversation. So once people compliment you on your new square, you can thank them by sharing the adventure that led to its design.

The Darwin

It’s only natural to fear the risks associated with pursuing your dreams.… The Darwin’s inspiration comes from a very well known man: Charles Darwin.

What is not as well known is the adventure that led to his theory of evolution: The second voyage of the HMS Beagle. The Beagle sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and then carried out detailed hydrographic surveys around the coasts of the southern part of South America, returning via Tahiti and Australia after having circumnavigated the Earth. While the expedition was originally planned to last two years, it lasted almost five.

Darwin spent most of this time exploring on land. Early in the voyage he decided he could write a book about geology, and he showed a gift for theorizing. He ably collected and made detailed observations of plants and animals, with results that shook his belief that species were fixed. These observations provided the basis for the ideas that led to his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Prior to his adventure, Darwin was enrolled at Dr. Butler’s Shrewsbury School but he showed very little interest in his studies. After giving up his medical career, his father told him, “You care for nothing but shooting dogs and catching rat and and you will be nothing but a disgrace to yourself and all of your family.” In his autobiography, he stated, “I was considered by all my masters and my father, a very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intellect.”

Darwin’s refusal to believe anyone’s else's hurtful words and his commitment to his dream led him to his eventual discovery. According to Julian Huxley, Darwin’s idea “is the most powerful and most comprehensive idea that has ever arisen on earth. It helps us understand our origins.…We are part of a total process, made of the same matter and operating by the same energy as the rest of the cosmos, maintaining and reproducing by the same type of mechanism on the rest of life.”

Dare to pursue your dreams, listen only to your passion and tune out the rest. Adventure awaits.

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