12 of Our Favorite Men’s Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs

We'll start off by saying that this is not a ranked order list. It's a list of our favorite blogs in general, so whether you click on the first or last link - we love all of them the same.

George Hahn

The idea of this online magazine is to explore and examine smart, handsome, stylish and high-quality options for the everyday guy. Think of it as a polite middle finger to a culture that flaunts the most expensive stuff out of the need for some kind of store-bought validation.


Cool Material Style Section

Through the years Cool Material has grown and expanded but always kept quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness at the heart of what they post. Whether you’re looking to buy something new or you just want to see some awesome stuff, they’ve got you covered.

Be sure to check out their gear, steals and beer sections as well.

The Art of Manliness

AoM is a blog about growing up well, aimed at men and their unique challenges and interests. They explore all things manly — from the serious and philosophical to the practical and fun. They seek to uncover how to live with grandpa’s swagger, virtue, and know-how in the present age by wedding the best of the past to the best of the present. The end goal is to create a synergy of tradition and modernity that offers men a way forward and signposts on how to live an excellent, flourishing life.

Closet Freaks

Anthony Urbano is the voice behind Closet Freaks, a menswear and personal style blog. Through his witty commentary and vivid photos, Anthony highlights everything from men’s grooming, fashion, and lifestyle along with his own personal style which is a quirky mix of classic and modern.

Kate Loves Me

Pelayo Diaz is the editor of Katelovesme.net, a 2.0 journal he started writing in 2007 from the renowned Central Saint Martins classrooms, where he graduated in Fashion Design and Marketing in 2011.

One Dapper Street

Just a German dude who loves fashion and all that goes with it, and who can't seem to fight the need to share this.


Valet is an independently-published lifestyle website delivering daily news on style, grooming and culture tailored especially for the 21st-century gentleman. Service is the backbone of the site and each page is beautifully packaged with additional information, graphics and techniques. Consider them your concierge to a well-styled life. Be sure to check out their personal shopper section as well.

Selectism’s Fashion Section

Cover the latest in new and emerging trends and products in the world of fashion, accessories, art, design, automotive, and much more.

Gear Hungry’s Style Section

GearHungry is an independent digital magazine focused on one thing: digging up the best gear for guys from all corners of the internet. Every week, they sift through thousands of updates from over 100 web magazines, blogs, retailers and other product compendiums, then hand pick the best amongst them for publishing. Their minimalist, content-focused design provides little distraction from what you’re really there for – the goods.

Scout Sixteen

Scout Sixteen is a New York-based lifestyle blog covering style, home, and travel from the desk of editor Justin Livingston. With an original voice and unique perspective, Scout Sixteen is a forest of inspiration and a place of daily discovery. Every day is an opportunity to explore a life built around style… let Scout Sixteen be your guidebook.

Mike Shouts’ Fashion Section

Bringing together the best in tech and lifestyle, feeding style-conscious individuals who are hungry for gadgets and technological developments with a dash of style. In short, it is about Tech Culture and Lifestyle Stuff.


With a dedicated team focused on the progression of fashion through visual inspirations and the provision of knowledge, HYPEBEAST's devotion and commitment has made it one of the premiere online destinations for editorially driven commerce and news. Spanning a comprehensive range of both styles and brands, from streetwear to high-end and from established to well-known, the HYPEBEAST editorial team has sought to make a positive contribution to one of culture's most important creative mediums.