The Flower Fold is a fun and informal fold that can be mastered with some practice.

Check out our step by step instructions for how to fold your pocket square with our video, or use the diagrams below.




Lay your pocket square flush against a flat surface.





Form a doughnut shape so the thumb and forefinger touch. Drape the pocket square over your hand so the center appears above your fist.




Using your other finger, push the center in up to your second knuckle.




Slightly clench your fist to keep the center in place.




Use your other hand to rotate the pocket square counter clockwise.






You may need to manually adjust the fabric to create an even twist.



Once satisfied, cup or pinch the top of the pocket square so you can remove your bottom hand to maintain the integrity of the fold. 



With that bottom hand, tightly grab the fabric about half way down so the twist stays in place on top.










If you want to add some extra flare, you can take one of the corners and fold it up. 



The fold is now complete. Now we’ll go over how to get the pocket square neatly into your pocket. 





While maintaining that grip, slide the pocket square into your pocket and adjust to your liking.




This is not the easiest fold so don’t be discouraged if you have to try this a few times.